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    The Witch Gardener

    2 months ago

    By Joni Scanlon A summer evening rain falls gently, Stroking leaves and dampening soil Weeds yield to the two hands pulling, Yet a few offer most satisfying struggle Defeated, these go into sack reverently The door...

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    Navajo Traditions and Irish Clans

    4 years ago

    Beautiful country in Arizona, on way to the Grand Canyon. Red Rocks of Sedona Happy Thanksgiving! This year as in years past, I skipped the usual gobble-fest and traveled with family to a beautiful spot. Our 2010...

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    Learning to Speak Irish

    4 years ago

    jonihnj 6 weeks ago Dia Duit! That's a standard greeting used by many practiced Gaeilge (Irish) speakers. It means "Hi," but as with all things Irish, controversy exists over its usage. I shall get to that...

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    Journey of a First-Time Novelest: Part II

    4 years ago

    Yes, the headline may be a teeny bit dramatic, but it grabbed your attention, didn't it? Besides, it happens to be true. In fact, thanks to the intervention of the Irish government, the protagonist of my...

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    What Consultants Should Learn From Steve Jobs' Arrogance

    2 years ago

    Apple's Steve Jobs has often been accused of arrogance. This writer thinks he is a master of taking a negative personality trait and using it to create a compelling personal brand.

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